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All In One Eye Tests.

We hope we at All In One Opticians can help you understand why regular eye checks are important. Here is why we think a regular eye test at All In One Opticians should be a vital part of your health routine.

How the eye sees

Diagram of the eye

Spectacles Frames

Having an eye test is not just about wearing spectacles.

The eye is like a sophisticated camera. Light comes into the eye through the cornea and passes through the pupils which contracts and dilates depending on how much ambient light there is.

The light reaches an inner screen of light receptors called rods and cones on the retina. Rods respond to dim light and cones to bright light.

All the information that the eye receives is sent back to the brain through the optic nerve.

The brain receives the message in what is called the visual cortex, processes the information and this sophisticated system of visual communication tells us we have "seen" the world outside us.